Pre-90s cars popular with public

The study by MoneySupermarket shows that of the overall 3.4 per cent of searches on their site for classic vehicles manufactured before 1996, the Land Rover 88 accounts for 5.7 per cent of car car enquiries. The 1980s Ford Escort is also popular with, 2.7 per cent of classic car enthusiasts searching for more information.

There are currently more than 31million cars taxed and registered in the UK today, and while the UK’s scrappage scheme has accounted for a fall in the number of classic cars on the road, there are still a number of popular models registered that have stood the test of time.

The Land Rover 90 still has a large fanbase, as does the Ford Sierra. A number of models from 1990 can still be found on the road, mainly thanks to their cost-effective nature. This includes models such as the Land Rover Discovery, the Peugeot 106, the Vauxhall Corsa and Astra, the Nissan Micra and the Ford Fiesta.

The study also shows that the Jaguar E-Type is one of the most popular pre-1973 tax-free cars in the £21,000 – £60,000 price bracket.

The data was taken from 34million enquiries through the site’s car insurance channel over a 12 month period, to the end of March 2012. The data suggests that a certain number of ‘veteran vehicles’ are still popular with motorists that want a practical, cost-effective car.

It’s easy for people to apply for classic car insurance. It’s often cheaper than insuring a modern model, with a broad number of areas covered by policies. It’s important for owners to first find the true value of their vintage car, and check matters such as the replacement parts policy available.

Models such as the Micra, Corsa and Astra have all seen updates over the years, while the Fiesta, Corsa and Focus proved to be the best-selling cars in the UK over the course of 2012.

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