New 2013 Mazda6 gets new green technology

However, Mazda says it has actually improved upon Formula One technology to create its greenest Mazda6 yet, all set for a 2013 launch in Perrys Mazda dealerships.

The technology has been labelled i-ELOOP and it has been designed to gather energy used in braking and store it in a capacitor that allows electronics such as air conditioning to be used without reducing the car’s fuel economy.

“The i-ELOOP capacitor is a unique solution to the challenge of how to harvest free engine power,” explains Mazda Motors UK Managing Director Jeremy Thomson.

“One of the benefits of energy recovering systems is that they allow ancillary systems such as air-conditioning to be used without drivers having to worry about the detrimental effect on fuel consumption.”

The i-ELOOP is just one part of the green technology used on the Mazda6 for 2013. The car, which has been completely redesigned to incorporate the brand’s ‘Kodo’ exterior design, is also the first Mazda6 to use SKYACTIV technology.

First seen on the Mazda CX-5 SUV, SKYACTIV technology is the name given to Mazda’s frugal petrol and diesel engines, lightweight build materials and efficient transmissions.

Fuel economy in the Mazda6 is as high as 68.9mpg and CO2 emissions are as low as 108g/km – enough to place the car in Band B of UK road tax.

Available in saloon and estate variations, the new Mazda6 will go on sale at Perrys Mazda dealerships in 2013. Mazda6 saloon prices start from under £20,000 and estate prices will be a little higher.