Young Creative Chevrolet 2013 programme launched

Chevrolet has declared the seventh annual Young Creative Chevrolet (YCC) contest underway.

The programme has been designed to help fuel the careers and ambitions of young, emerging artists across Europe. YCC is an arts contest supported by the manufacturer helping to foster and support children in the early stages of their career.

The competition is a great opportunity for graphic design, photography, video and fashion design students to showcase their work on an international scale at prominent events, as well as getting first-hand industry experience.

Entrants also stand the chance of winning bursaries from Chevrolet ranging between £800 and £5,200. Possibly the most valuable prize though is the experience students can earn from behind-the-scenes work experience with people in their field.

A first jury selection will be made at national level in June 2013, with a maximum of three prizes awarded within each category. The winning entry in each category will advance to the European finals which will be held in July 2013.

“Young people set the agenda for the world, and drive its change and development. They inherit the world we build and in turn pass it on,” said President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe, Wayne Brannon during last year’s YCC.

“Chevrolet is stunned by the creative work generated by the young Creative Chevrolet contest. We are exceedingly proud to be supporting up-and-coming artists and designers through this initiative.”

Registrations for YCC are now open. YCC first began in 2007 and has helped a number of creative youngsters fulfil their ambitions in getting a career in the creative arts. For instance Greek Sofia Stergiopoulou won the YCC visual arts discipline in 2011, helping her to follow her path and continue her creative studies.

People that would like to know more about the Young Creative Chevrolet programme can contact Perrys Chevrolet dealerships today.