Third annual Citroen Creative Awards launched

The third annual Citroen Creative Awards has launched.

People interested in competing in this year’s challenge will need to submit their application by 10 February 2013.

The theme this year centres around connectivity, with participants tasked with creating a new smartphone app that makes everyday life easier for the common motorist.

Contestants will be limited only by their imagination, so long as they can answer the following question: What innovative Smartphone app would you create to make driving and everyday motoring life easier?

It’s a chance for aspiring car designers to get their creations in an international forum. Inspiration can be taken from a number of car features, including its speed, fuel consumption, fault diagnostics, traffic reports and more.

The Citroen Creative Awards began three years ago to help uncover inspiring designers from across the world.

The first competition was launched in 2010 and attracted more than 700 entrants from 55 countries. That increased to over 800 entrants from 87 countries in 2011, with that figure expected to improve for these third awards.

The lucky winner will receive a cash prize of £10,000, while second place will win £2,000. The third-placed contestant will earn £1,500, while public vote winners will also win £1,500.

Winners will be chosen from a panel of leading magazine editors, designers, digital experts and online gurus. The winner will be announced in March 2013 at an official ceremony in Paris.

Citroen’s own Creative Technologie is currently used in its more recent models, including the Citroen DS5. The most recent DS5, for example, features keyless access & start, smart beams, a colour head-up display, a lane departure warning system and more.

A new Citroen DS5 is currently available from £23,400.

People that want to learn more about the Citroen Creative Awards can contact Perrys Citroen dealerships.