Tyre checks recommended for a "perfect" Christmas

With this and the potentially treacherous winter weather looming in mind, the tyre awareness organisation TyreSafe is providing useful reminders and tips to Britain’s drivers on having suitably prepped tyres on their cars when driving this winter season.

Not only do motorists need to be wary of a potential white Christmas, which can create plenty of snow and ice potentially dangerous for cars on the road, but even the set up of tyres can make a vital difference when tackling public roads in either damp or just generally cold conditions.

The chairman for TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson, commented: “Just a few simple tyre checks can make all the difference to staying safe on our roads. This is especially critical when driving in winter, including cold and damp conditions which often seem innocuous yet can be particularly perilous”.

Amongst the recommendations made by the safety promoters, it will be worthwhile for drivers to make visual inspections, including a check on the tread depth on their car’s tyres as well as the amount of air pressure.

The correct air pressure is particularly vital as underinflated tyres can have a large negative impact on the car’s handling and grip regardless of the current road conditions at the time.

It is therefore worth getting the appropriate tools to maintain the correct tyre pressure, and the recommended pressure amounts for particular cars can usually be found in either the vehicle manufacturer’s handbook, or on the driver’s door sill.

The tread depth for each tyre on a car meanwhile can be checked by simply inserting a 20p coin into the main grooves of the tyres, if the outer band of the coin is visible when inserted then the tyre may need investigating from a qualified specialist.

For assistance in prepping your car for this winter’s conditions, UK motorists can get a Perrys Winter Service online or by directly contacting one of its dealerships nationwide.