Renault launch social garage plan

Renault believes that the inability to get around is one of the largest social worries facing the UK today, especially when it comes to finding and maintaining a job.

In fact, the manufacturer cites a lack of mobility as the fourth biggest hindrance to finding work, behind factors such as ill health, poorly-positioned housing and poor training.

To help combat this problem, Mobiliz – which can be found at Renault dealerships – has been designed for people on a low income to have their cars repaired for a nominal fee at Socially Responsible Renault Garages.

Renault hopes that the project can help people who are having trouble with their car maintenance due to costs, or people that are having difficulties with public transport.

Renault says that the project is rooted in its overall philosophy, and that the company has always aimed to deliver sustainable mobility for all. The project was initially intended for France, but is slowly spreading across other European territories.

Renault concedes this plan is still in an experimental phase, but says the company is working hard to help underprivileged motorists with the scheme.

Renault has also recently announced that it plans to produce a new Renault Clio crossover and a Twizy Cargo model.

The next-generation Renault Clio is due to launch in early 2013, and comes with a host of new features including its interactive R-Link technology.

The crossover model though would likely add a number of cosmetic improvements, including stockier body panels to give it a bigger road presence.

The current generation Renault Clio is currently available from £10,595.

People interested in learning more about Socially Responsible Renault Garages can contact Perrys Aylesbury Renault dealership.

Perrys managed to get a sneek peak of the new Clio at the Paris Motor Show in September: