Ford EcoBoost engine wins fleet award

The organisation’s Fleet Hero Awards presented Ford with the ‘Innovation in Car and Van Manufacturing’ award. The accolade has been designed to recognise manufacturers that invest in new technologies that provide lower carbon emissions for fleet owners.

That falls in line with Ford’s EcoBoost engine, which is also currently International Engine of the Year. Ford has form at the Fleet Hero Awards. The manufacturer won the same category in 2009 thanks to its ECOnetic diesel-engine cars.

The Ford 1.0-litre EcoBoost has also been recognised with the Dewar Trophy for outstanding British technical achievement in the auto industry.

Ian Featherstone, transport knowledge manager at the EST and awards judge, commented: “While alternatives to the internal combustion engine may be the future, existing technologies still have much to offer.

“Cutting edge, clever engineering like Ford’s EcoBoost has allowed a tiny engine to punch well above its weight and has reopened the debate about the relative merits of petrol and diesel.”

The Ford 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine is currently available in a host of the manufacturer’s models, including the Ford Fiesta, the Focus, the B-Max, C-Max and Grand C-Max.

The Ford B-Max is one of the latest models released by the manufacturer that’s fitted with the engine.

The B-Max also has an impressive technological feature in its rear-sliding doors that help create a 1.5m opening to the interior, giving owners unprecedented access to the car. Also available in the B-Max is Ford SYNC technology, which gives drivers incredible connectivity options.

A new Ford B-Max is available from £12,795.

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