New 2013 Ford Fiesta gets five-star safety score

The EuroNCAP tests, tasked with crash-testing all new cars to go on sale in the UK, put the best-selling supermini through a series of strenuous tests as part of its rating system.

This includes front impact, side impact and pole impact tests where adult, child and pedestrian safety was all scored.

The latest generation Ford Fiesta excelled in all tests including a 91 per cent score in adult occupant safety and 86 per cent in child occupant safety.

EuroNCAP said it was no surprise to see the Fiesta gain a five-star safety rating because it is based on the 2012 Ford Fiesta with cosmetic changes including a new, larger front grille and more aerodynamic body.

However, it did make special mention of the new technology included in the new Fiesta including its MyKey technology.

Ford MyKey allows the car to be programmed for specific drivers. For example, the car can be tailored to add a maximum speed or offer extra seatbelt reminders to the driver and passengers.

Seen as an ideal addition for parents worried about their children driving on their own, the MyKey system was singled out for praise from the EuroNCAP testers.

Dr Michiel van Ratingen said: “Programmable keys open up a whole new range of possibilities, not just for parents and their children. The technology will also be of interest to companies with safe-driving policies and I look forward to more widespread application of this sort of system in the future.”

The new 2013 Ford Fiesta will go on sale next year at Perrys Ford dealerships from £10,000. Not only will the car offer more technology and a new look, it will also come with Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine for the first time.

The efficient engine promises the power of a larger unit but delivers road tax-free levels of CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy over previous versions, resulting in one of the most efficient small cars on the market.