Chevrolet and LFC offer young driver safety advice

Chevrolet and Liverpool Football Club have been partners for a good few months now.

The brands have entered into a four-year contract, and have recently joined forces alongside Merseyside Police to promote safety to younger drivers.

Chevrolet and Liverpool Under-21s teamed up to hold a recent motoring safety session. They also highlighted that statistics show young males aged 17-20 are seven times more at risk of being involved in a collision than all male drivers. That risk, shockingly, is 17 times higher between 2am and 5am.

Chevrolet has also revealed five car buying tips they feel young drivers should be aware of before investing in a new car, including:


– A car with airbags, anti-lock brakes and seatbelt pretensioners can be the difference between slight and serious injuries.

Fuel consumption

– Getting a smaller car with economical engines can save more money than a bigger car at the pumps.

Approved buy

– When buying a used car, getting a pre-purchase inspection can help give buyers an idea of a car’s overall health and its safety aspects.

Share costs

– Parents helping younger drivers with the responsibility of budgeting and managing their finances will be invaluable experience for the future.

Little cars

– Smaller cars have owned the market this year thanks to their practicality and efficiency, with Chevrolet pointing out how the Chevrolet Aveo offers incredible style and comfort for a smaller model.

Under-21 players Stephen Sama and Krisztian Adorjan spent time with road traffic officers to learn about the various challenges facing young drivers in the UK today.

Stephen Sama went on to add: “We are young guys and statistics show that our age group is most at risk of dangerous driving. This course, delivered by Merseyside Police shows us how important it is to be safe on the road.

“I hope other young lads our age see the importance of being safe on the roads.”