Drivers warned over driving in floods

As the popularity of 4×4 cars rises and rain hits much of the country, UK motorists are preparing for another winter of bad weather.

Perrys is advising all motorists to book a winter service to ensure key features of their car, including brakes, lights, tyres and battery, are all in working order and are capable of coping with rain and surface water.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is offering a series of driving tips in the wake of severe weather warnings for rain and flooding.

These include preparing the car before making a journey including setting heater controls to ensure windows do not mist up while the car is on the road.

Once driving, motorists are warned to slow down because rain will cause stopping distances to double, while spray can reduce visibility.

The IAM says drivers should keep eyes on the road and brake, accelerate and steer smoothly in order to keep the car balanced on the road.

Drivers are being urged to be wary of strong winds and to avoid cruise control in wet conditions because it can create problems if the car begins to aquaplane.

Peter Rodger, the IAM’s chief examiner, said : “A suddenly very wet road surface increases the chances of slipping when braking or steering, which is a problem not just for motorists, but cyclists and motorcyclists too.

“When driving in wet conditions remember that stopping distances will increase, and visibility will be reduced. Drop your speed and give yourself more time to slow down.”

Drivers heading to flooded areas should always ensure they can see where they are going to come out of the water and once into the water, do not release the accelerator because this can allow water to travel up the exhaust pipe.

Finally, drivers are advised to always check brakes once they are out of the water where it is safe to ensure they are dry.