Vauxhall Ampera review

The Vauxhall Ampera is a new solution to the problem of limited range in the growing number of electric cars on UK roads.
The five-door hatchback is officially an extended-range electric car, meaning that although the wheels are driven by electric power alone, an on-board petrol generator is used to extend the range to up to 350 miles.
This gives the Ampera all the benefits in terms of running costs that an electric car has – being able to travel up to 50 miles on electric power alone – but with a range three times that of a standard electric car thanks to the back-up petrol engine.
This unique powertrain means that batteries can be charged by the petrol engine – or by plugging the Ampera straight into a standard household socket.
A full charge takes six hours and can cost as little as a pound. Alternatively, a home charging station cuts the charging time to four hours.
Although the alternative is to fill up at the petrol pumps and charge batteries using the petrol engine, the Ampera’s running costs are much lower than that of a conventional hatchback – offering fuel economy of up to 235mpg and CO2 emissions as low as 27g/km.
This is enough to qualify for free road tax in the UK and the Ampera is exempt from the London congestion charge.
Despite its engine setup, the Ampera looks and drives much like a normal car. Based on the Vauxhall Astra, the Ampera seats five and has XXX litres of space in the boot.
The Ampera offers all the comforts and gadgetry of an executive car, including DAB digital radio, USB connectivity, leather upholstery, cruise control and even a seven-inch touch screen as standard.
Top-of-the-range versions add satellite navigation, a DVD player and a premium BOSE sound system to the standard specification.
Available in specifications overall, the Vauxhall Ampera costs from £29,995 for an entry-level version, including a £5,000 plug-in EV grant from the government.
The Vauxhall Ampera comes with a lifetime warranty up to 100,000 miles and the battery pack comes with its own eight-year warranty for peace of mind.
Vauxhall will even pick up and drop off the car for routine servicing and maintenance as part of the warranty deal if the driver is not within an hour of a Vauxhall Ampera specialist dealership.
The Vauxhall Ampera is available to buy now in the UK from 24 specially-selected Ampera dealerships.
The revolutionary Vauxhall Ampera is the next generation of green car to arrive in the UK – and represents the affordable option for drivers who want peace of mind – and high quality – from their electric car.