Drivers ponder fuel duty rise delay

However a researched report by British Car Auctions (BCA) has revealed the ongoing concern regarding the cost of fuel today. A survey of 4,000 UK drivers found that 70 per cent of Britain’s motorists are taking specific measures to cut their car operating costs.

The ways drivers are looking to reduce fuel use includes altering driving styles for 17 per cent of respondents, or avoiding heavy braking in the case of 16 per cent of respondents.

Other major findings from the BCA research shows nine out of ten motorists intend to replace their current car with a different type of vehicle, including alternative-fuel models.

The priorities for these concerned motorists is to get a smaller new car with better fuel consumption, lower road tax, lower CO2 emissions and a cheaper purchase price.

The research also shows that 29 per cent of UK motorists are walking more to journeys and 21 per cent are simply cutting back on journeys, in a bid to reduce their fuel bills.

However Britain’s motorists could get at least a temporary reprieve if the plans to increase fuel duty are delayed for an extra few months.

Rising petrol prices are one of the major concerns for UK motorists as small car sales thrive. Over a third of all new car sales are not in the small car segment, which is dominated by efficient engines and low rates of CO2 emissions.

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