Astonishing Ford B-Max ad dives onto screens

The stunning features of the new Ford B-Max are being highlighted in a new television campaign, which sees a diver jumping through the car’s sliding rear doors.

One of the main features of the B-Max is the lack of a central pillar, which Ford says gives the car more interior space and a safer shell than ever before.

A key feature of the car’s design is its rear-sliding doors. When opened alongside the car’s hinged front doors, the Easy Access Door System creates a 1.5-metre unobstructed opening, granting unrivalled access and versatility.

And Ford has released an advert to accentuate those features.


The commercial shows a diver climbing to the top of a diving board and peering down. Between him and the pool is a side-on B-Max with its doors open.

The diver takes a deep breath and dives through the 1.5-meter gap, landing effortlessly in the water below.

It’s a great angle for Ford to take, to both show off the space in the car’s interior and how the door system works on the B-Max.

The B-Max was released toward the end of September in the UK and has won praise from critics thanks to its space and practicality – especially in the young family market.

The Ford B-Max is also available with Ford’s voice-activated SYNC system, which offers incredible in-car connectivity to drivers. The SYNC system also features the manufacturer’s award-winning Emergency Assistance Feature.

“The B-MAX is packed full of ingenious features, from its unique door concept to the powerful SYNC voice control system,” said Ford’s global small car vehicle line director Nick Collins on the car’s release.

“Customers can look forward to a smarter and more capable compact car.”

A new Ford B-Max is currently available from £12,995. People interested in buying a new Ford B-Max can contact Perrys Ford dealerships.