New Renault Twizy window to battle the elements

A new window system has been added to the Renault Twizy to help protect drivers against the elements this coming winter.

The accessory, which Renault promises is winter-proof, costs £295 including VAT.

Called the ‘total protection system’, it’s available in two parts. First, drivers have to attach a rigid metal frame to the door. Added to this is a transparent and flexible ‘window’ which zips to the frame.

The tool needs no bodywork changes or tools to fit to the car, and can be removed whenever the driver wants.

An available opening grants drivers easy access to the door handle, and two cleverly-placed slits in the window stop the interior from misting up thanks to sufficient airflow.

Renault has gone above-and-beyond to ensure safety is a key feature of the window, and have put the equipment through a number of quality control tests to make sure it’s effective in the toughest conditions.

Renault has tested the technology to make sure it’s resistant to UV light, corrosion and cold temperatures.

The new Renault Twizy total protection system will be available to buy from the end of November.

It’s not the first accessory that has been added to the Twizy. The fully-electric car was recently styled with a Freddie Mercury trim – complete with moustache and yellow jacket – to help raise money for the Freddie For A Day charity.

The Twizy was also used as a centrepiece to help light up the flagship Conran Shop window to celebrate 25 years in the Michelin building.

The Renault Twizy was launched in April and has won a huge number of fans thanks to its unique style, fun drive, electric philosophy and incredibly low cost. A new Renault Twizy is available from £6,690.