Perrys tyre safety – it's getting slippery out there

As the daunting British winter approaches, adverse weather conditions on UK roads are an ever present danger – with things like ice, sleet and snow being just some of the roads nuisances.

However, these potential road dangers can be tackled with appropriate tyre maintenance, according to TyreSafe.

This includes checking tyre tread depth for wear, ensuring the tyre is not ripped or damaged and checking tyre pressure in accordance with the car’s manual.

In conjunction with TyreSafe raising awareness, Perrys Motors are also urging drives to check their tyres as part of its Tyre Safety month.

There are a range of different choices available for motorists, one of which is winter tyres.

Winter tyres are designed to cope with low temperatures so that they do not harden in cold weather. Winter tyres also provide greater tread depth to allow for greater grip on the road. These tyre qualities can hugely improve stopping distance.

Snow socks are another tyre safety alternative. Snow socks are essentially covers, or ‘socks’, that fit over your tyres and provide a layer of grip.

At Perrys dealerships, there are a range of different tyre tests we can assist you with to help check that your tyres are safe for the road – including the popular 20p tire tread test.

Perrys site also contains a range of different winter safety tips, which provides advice on both tyre maintenance and general winter car maintenance.

For more information on Tyre Safety month or Perrys’ winter tyre prices for your car, contact your nearest Perrys dealership.