Inside the new 2013 Range Rover

Hand-picked materials have been chosen for the most anticipated luxury car of 2013 as the large SUV is set to redefine premium off-roaders forever.

Described as the most luxurious Range Rover ever, the 2013 model has sourced its materials from a variety of sources including British firm Bridge of Weir, which has supplied the leather for the interior.

The locally-sourced leather is described as sustainable and all waste products are recycled, according to the leather manufacturer.

According to Land Rover: “Having constructed such a cutting-edge car, the interior materials choice was crucial in order to increase its sustainability without compromising luxury.”

Inside the new Range Rover, extra lashings of chrome and leather have been added along with a tablet-style touchscreen, a tidier and less cluttered selection of dials and switches, reclining rear seats, headrest display screens and even more legroom for passengers.

The move upmarket has resulted in a price tag increase from around £70,000 to somewhere in the region of £100,000 but Land Rover insists equipment and luxury will be improved to meet the rising price.

It will also be cheaper to run with a focus on lightweight materials and more efficient engine technology reducing the amount buyers will pay in CO2 emissions-based road tax and fuel costs.

However, the vast 4×4 will remain a consummate off-roader with Land Rover’s vaunted off-road systems, which can adapt torque and grip to suit conditions, still offered across the range.

The new 2013 Range Rover will go on sale in the UK next year as the most luxurious Range Rover ever sold – and it is the attention to detail that will attract buyers when it does arrive.

The new Range Rover will be available from Rocar Moores Land Rover and Copley Land Rover dealerships.