Revealed: The Batmobile Kia Optima

Batman cars are a regular occurrence on motoring blogs. This is mostly because they are usually high-performance cars decked out in outlandish body kit and with a selection of options only a Bond car could compete with.

In the past there have been many unofficial Batman cars designed by comic book and film fans – and even real-life cars described as a Batmobile in the case of the Nissan Deltawing car designed for Le Mans.

But we’ve never seen the humble Kia Optima transformed into something akin to a Batmobile… until now.

The Kia Optima may be an upmarket saloon aimed at the likes of the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia but if this new one-off is anything to go by, the Korean manufacturer has big plans for its flagship model.

The Batman Kia Optima is almost unrecognisable from the standard model. It comes with a matte- and piano-black paint scheme and sits much lower than a standard saloon.

The 20-inch black alloy wheels and performance exhaust system are new, as is the custom front grille shaped like the batwing symbol.

The grille itself boasts the iconic Batman symbol and the car features yellow LED lighting throughout to give it the classic Caped Crusader effect.

Inside, Kia’s most luxurious vehicle gets an added dose of leather and suede with bold yellow accent stitching. There are also bat symbols throughout and handy throwing stars mounted on the centre console.

And, for that complete Batman experience, a Bat suit and cowl can be found in the trunk.

Fans of the comic (and now film) hero will be saddened to know the car will now actually go on sale. Instead it is designed as part of a ‘We Can Be Heroes’ campaign which aims to help raise awareness about the worst hinder crisis in 60 years – you can read more about the campaign here.

However, comic fans should be prepared for a series of seven more customised superhero cars based around the characters in DC Comics’ Justice League. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news on that here on the Perrys blog.

Meanwhile, take a look at the standard Kia Optima below in our video review.