Four Renaults entered into RAC Future Car Challenge

The cars that have been entered by the manufacturer are the Renault Zoe, the new low-emission Renault Clio 4, the Kangoo Van Z.E. and the Fluence Z.E. Other manufacturers participating at the event are Jaguar and Vauxhall.

The RAC Future Car Challenge only began in 2012, but has since grown to become one of the most important showcases for low-emission, electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles on the planet. The event is owned by the Royal Automobile Club and is sponsored by RAC Motoring Services.

Vehicles that have been entered into the event have to travel 63 miles from Brighton to London, and is heralded as a real-world test of current and future car technology. The event is free for the public to watch.

Rivals to the four Renaults on show at the RAC Future Car Challenge include Jaguar XJ_e PHEV models, with the event the first time these cars will have been seen on public roads.

A number of interesting-looking models from independent manufacturers will also be available. Entries include the Cree SAM moto-e3 from Germany, the XAM 2.0 (designed by 50 Italian students), the Morgan Plus E from Zytek and many more.

Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicle Programme, Renault UK, says: “Our main aim is to demonstrate through a combination of the coverage the vehicles and the event get and the independently validated results that electric vehicles are a practical, viable alternative to the internal combustion engine for a significant proportion of car buyers.”

The new Renault Clio will be one of the more interesting prospects at the show, which is due to be released in the UK in early 2013. Current generation Clios are available from £11,625.

People interested in buying a new Renault can contact Perrys Aylesbury Renault dealership.

Perrys managed to get a sneak peek at the new Renault Clio at the Paris Motor Show last week. Take a look below!