Watch the new Citroen DS4 advert

Citroen’s DS range has become somewhat of a stylish cornerstone for the French brand since its launch in 2010 with the DS3 supermini. After the release of the DS3, the Citroen DS4 (2011) and Citroen DS5 (2012) followed.

But as the Citroen DS3 supermini is praised for its customisable design and the Citroen DS5 estate is known for its high class luxury, some forget about the Citroen DS4 hatchback.

This may be because the DS4 sits in the ‘crowded’ hatchback segment, which houses many lucrative models – including the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra.

However, the DS4 offers a much more superior type of styling. Based on the C4 hatchback, the DS4 adds a twist on its design, with chrome highlights, fancy gadgets and versatile trim levels aplenty.

To promote its DS4 hatchback, Citroen has recently released a new advert, portraying its fun-to-drive nature. Take a look:


By using a mixture of the elements – lighting, fire, water – and a range of both fun and cultural images, Citroen advertises the DS4 as a car that has everything.

One of the key elements of the DS4 is its versatile trim levels, as is the case with the entire DS range.

The DS4 offers three trim levels DSign, DStyle and DSport. Entry level equipment of the DSign trim includes 17-inch alloy wheels, adjustable steering wheel, cruise control and air conditioning.

Top of the range features of the DSport trim includes full leather upholstery, upgraded ‘Denon’ stereo system, 19-inch alloy wheels and satellite navigation.

Citroen DS4 prices start from just £17,145 on the road.