Jaguar XKR-S – stylish, fast and stuck on a building

To promote its XKR-S coupe, Jaguar has somehow stuck the car to the side of its Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham.

The Jaguar XKR-S is renowned for being one of the most stylish models in the manufacturers range as its low coupe roofline and sporty body kit give it a classic British sense of sport styling.

Along with a punchy 5.0-litre V8 supercharged petrol engine, the XKR-S delivers a power output of 542bhp and a top speed of 186mph.

As well as promoting the XKR-S model with a fun appeal, the sticky stunt also raises awareness of Jaguar’s Castle Bromwich factory.

The Castle Bromwich factory will soon house the production of the new Jaguar F-Type, a revitalised and modernised version of the famous 1960’s E-Type model.

According to Jaguar, the new F-Type will rejuvenate the sport nametag and mark the company’s return to the sports car market.

From the outside it is clear that the F-Type offers a sportier appeal with strong body contours and a low roofline, essentially combining the classic E-Type styling with the new found XKR-S styling.

The F-Type will offer a range of powerful engines, including a powerful 3.0-litre petrol with 375bhp and a 5.0-litre V8, but power output for this unit is still unknown.

According to Jaguar’s global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, the new F-type will mark the company’s return to the sports car market.

More details on the new Jaguar F-Type will be revealed at this year’s Paris Motor Show this month.