Renault Twizy – with a Freddie Mercury twist

I’m not sure Renault enjoys its tiny electric car being described as ‘quirky’ time and time again on the pages of the motoring media.

However, the Twizy electric car is just that – and when the brand launches a special ‘Freddie Mercury’ Edition complete with moustache, Renault can have no complaints about the word being used.

As a massive fan of the Renault Twizy, not just for its unique design but for its genuine potential to change the way we travel in cities, it’s good to see the fun little EV showing it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Designed as a ‘mobility’ solution for busy cities, the Twizy’s compact dimensions mean it can squeeze into the smallest parking spaces and a tight turning circle is a bonus on busy city roads.

With a range of 50 miles without the need to buy costly petrol or diesel, the Twizy is a clean, efficient and clever two-seater.

The fact it lacks doors (which are an optional extra and do not have windows) and much of the equipment expected from a new car only adds to the charm of the car that is like nothing ever seen before on UK roads.

Priced from under £8,000 (plus battery rental) it is also one of the more affordable ways of getting about on a budget.

This one-off special edition comes courtesy of the charity Freddie For a Day, which helps the fights against AIDS.

The model, decked out in white and yellow and with Mercury’s signature moustache, has been created to support the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which was created in 1992 by Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor in honour of their band-mate.