Manchester United youngsters denied Chevy sports cars

Chevrolet has recently signed a deal with the Premier League team which will begin in two years and see the Chevrolet badge on the team’s kits. As part of the agreement, Chevrolet has agreed that the Manchester United squad can take their pick out of its wide range of high-end sports cars.

But as Ferguson retains his caring reputation amongst the players, younger squad members like 21 year old Danny Wellbeck will have to repress their inner-sports-car-child and obey the Gaffer.

This isn’t the first time Ferguson has cracked down on player etiquette as he has a vast history of creating new rules for players. In fact, Ferguson stopped his young players wearing different coloured boots last season.

Ferguson’s decision is based on ensuring his players don’t fall into distracting lifestyle traps that may affect their football career.

This means that desirable cars like the Corvette range will be just out of reach for the young United players.

If the young guns are to opt for a Chevrolet car then they might have to go for the Chevrolet Aveo supermini or possibly the Chevrolet Spark city car.

There are other options – perhaps Ferguson will allow them a Chevrolet Cruze, the small family car which can fit training kit in the back and still seat five in comfort.

Or how about the Chevrolet Orlando for those with families in town? We’re not sure if any United players have twins (or triplets) but the vast, seven-seat people carrier can seat an entire 5-a-side team if needed, with substitutes.

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