Cinema's greatest car chases

When it comes to movie car chases, it’s usually the good old classics that edge in front…and this time it’s no different.

Direct Line has recently carried out a survey into film lovers favourite on screen car chases, and if your first thoughts were The Italian Job or Bullit with Steve McQueen, then you would be right on the money.

Out of the 2,010 surveyed, the acclaimed Italian Job car chase came out on top with 27 per cent of votes, with Bullit trailing slightly behind with 20 per cent of votes. The famous talking Herbie claimed 12 per cent of votes, followed closely by Vin Diesel in The Fast and The Furious.

But our favourite has got to be the Bullit chase. What’s not to love, it’s in San Francisco, it’s as real as car chases get, and the great Steve McQueen is actually driving! Plus McQueen is driving a rather dashing 1968 Ford Mustang GT 390.


Although most of the car chases are old classic additions, with Fast and the Furious being the exception, there are some chases new to the silver screen that are just too good to overlook.

If we had to choose our top five favourite car chases for the last 20 years, it would look something like this.

Matrix reloaded – The great ‘freeway’ chase that sees Morpheus fight a shape shifter with a samurai sword and two identical sibling ghosts chase a motorbike that weaves in-between cars. Epic.

Ronin – Robert De Niro jumps in a an old Peugeot and chases after an infamous suitcase.

I-Robot – Killer robots chase Will Smith in a futuristic Audi TT model, which as well as being fun to watch, also offers a sneak peak at Audi’s future design plans.

Terminator 2 – The sewer chase, which although it features a truck and a motorbike, is still one of the coolest on screen chases.

Bourne Identity – Amnesia stricken super spy Jason Bourne takes a Mini for a spin around Paris as he manages eerie near misses and drives down stair cases.