New electric car charging wind turbine

In the latest addition to the electric race for efficiency, there is a new electric charge point in Spain powered by wind.

With complaints from electric car cynics that electric charge points are using vast amounts of energy to source charging power, GE and Urban Green Energy have liaised and come up with a possible solution for the future.

The newly developed Sanya Skypump is a cross between an electric charging point and a wind turbine as it uses the power of wind to subsequently generate energy for the charging point.

As well as offering an endlessly renewable energy source for charging electric cars, the wind turbine also delivers energy to surrounding infrastructure when not being used by cars.

If this new charging point comes to British shores, the UK market may see a massive boost in electric car sales, as motorists concerns over efficiency will be subdued.

This may mean that manufacturer’s electric vehicle ranges, like Renault’s Z.E. range, will be a more familiar site on the road.

One of the latest advancements in electric charging technology was actually pursued by Renault as its upcoming Zoe supermini model used a new quick charging Chameleon charger to break a Guinness world record.

If the Sanya Skypump charger comes to the UK, it may ultimately mean that vehicles like the Renault Fluence saloon and Zoe supermini will be segment leaders in terms of popularity and sales.