New door and SYNC technology for Ford B-Max

Ford has steadily been releasing details before the car’s release. The B-Max will go on sale in the UK on 12 September, with new Ford B-Max prices starting from £12,995.

The B-Max promises to be one of the most versatile and accessible small cars around, thanks to Ford’s Easy Access Door System. The B-Max has hinged front doors, complemented by rear sliding doors to create a 1.5 meter unobstructed opening for passengers.

Ford’s engineers went undercover to observe the general public performing routine tasks during development, from shopping to picking up their kids from school, to get ideas on how to improve customers’ compact car experience.

The result is a clear opening of 1.5 meters when people want to get into the B-Max, with the new door system offering approximately twice the width offered by competing cars.

The B-Max is also the first European Ford to feature the brand’s voice-activated SYNC system. The technology allows drivers to connect mobiles and music players to the car, with the driver using voice commands to transfer contact information, answer calls, listen to text messages and more via Bluetooth.

SYNC technology in the B-Max also allows access to the car’s new Emergency Assistance feature. This helps people to connect to the local emergency services operator should an accident ever occur. Ford’s Emergency Assistance technology won the ‘Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive, Transport or Utilities’ award at the recent Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona.

Nick Collins, Ford’s global small car vehicle line director, says of the car: “The B-MAX is packed full of ingenious features, from its unique door concept to the powerful SYNC voice control system. Customers can look forward to a smarter and more capable compact car.”

People interested in buying the new Ford B-Max can enquire at Perrys Ford dealerships.