Dealerships prepare for Ford B-Max launch

As experts at selling models such as the Ford B-Max, Perrys’ staff have acquainted themselves with the new Ford SYNC system to help customers get to grip with the technology.

This means buyers will be shown how to use the SYNC system when Ford B-Max test drives begin in September as the Ford B-Max launch date draws near.

The new Ford B-Max, a five-seat compact MPV based on the Ford Fiesta and featuring unique sliding doors, will be one of the first Ford cars to use SYNC.

SYNC is a hands-free system that can be operated using voice controls. The driver’s voice commands can be used for everything from selecting a radio station to using the satellite navigation.

It can also connect to a mobile phone to allow hands-free calling and can call the emergency services in the event of an accident.

The new technology is seen as the future of in-car entertainment and technology systems and will also appear on the new Ford Focus for 2013.

The new 2012 Ford B-Max will be the first car in the UK to feature SYNC technology. IT will also be the first to use Ford’s new 1.0-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine.

The new, five-seat people carrier is a compact car with smaller dimensions for city-based driving. However, a clever use of space means the B-Max is a practical option in the people carrier segment.

The sliding doors and lack of a pillar between front and rear doors helps to create a 1.5-metre-wide space for access to the back seats and the rear seats fold to increase boot space if necessary.

The new Ford B-Max will go on sale at Perrys Ford dealerships in September with prices starting from £13,000.