The making of the Ford Focus RS 500

We stumbled across an interesting – if a little self indulgent video and thought we’d share it.

This is a recently released video from Ford of Europe on the making of the Ford Focus RS 500.

It wouldn’t be going too far to say the Ford Focus RS (and the RS 500) is the best hot hatch on the market – or perhaps on the market isn’t the correct term, because the Ford Focus RS 500 sold out almost immediately after unprecedented demand.

The car is built on the famous Ford assembly lines and start off as a regular Focus RS before the unique bodywork, spoiler and wheels are all added. Not to mention the 2.5-litre turbo engine delivering 350hp and powering the hot hatch to up to 165mph.

Assembly of the 500 models was completed by hand and once finished, a unique hood and sleek vinyl wraps are added by a team from 3M to keep the bodywork in pristine condition.

We’ll forgive Ford a little back-slapping over the Focus RS 500 after such a successful introduction to mark the end of the production run of the Focus RS.

Next time, however, we’d like to see a special edition as special as this at the start of the production run, not the end.