Citroen extends Upgrade to Business Class package for LCVs

‘Upgrade to Business Class’ will continue to be available to qualifying customers on all new Citroen LCV models. The full details of the plan include:

– Four years/60,000 mile servicing which lets buyers have their LCVs serviced annually over the period

– Four years Citroen Assistance (provided by the AA), with Roadside Assistance, At Home Assistance, Recovery, Onward travel and European cover

– Warranty extension to four years/120,000 miles

Citroen has recently been doing a lot to reduce LCV operating costs, including giving their Berlingo and Dispatch models an overhaul to reduce CO2 emissions, expanding the Citroen LCV Fixed Price Repairs scheme, improving the Citroen Trafficmaster Smartnav & Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking telematics package and more.

Citroen’s Head of Commercial Vehicles & Business Centre Programme, Scott Michael, comments: “Citroen takes its responsibilities seriously in the matter of reducing the whole life costs of its award-winning LCV range.

“The continuation of the innovative ‘Upgrade to Business Class’ package means we can continue to provide our customers with long-term economic benefits.

“This is coupled with other cost reduction and enhanced efficiency benefits introduced this year as part of the ‘Citroen Vans – Business Class’ initiative, which puts Citroen even further ahead of its competition.”

“When it comes to cutting LCV operating costs and enhancing efficiency, Citroen leads the field. These initiatives, launched this year, not only benefit new vehicle buyers, but also those businesses running older Citroen LCVs.”

Citroen LCVs can be bought from Perrys Citroen dealerships.