Vauxhall Adam – what is it all about?

You may have heard about the new Vauxhall city car and thought, ‘what’s it all about, and who is Adam’?

Well, the Vauxhall Adam was originally called the Vauxhall Junior when it was revealed as a concept, but Vauxhall decided to change its name as Junior, possibly, could be considered a little ‘immature’ compared to the luxurious nature of the city car.

Vauxhall settled on the name Adam, after the company’s founder Adam Opel, who established the brand back in 1862.

As the smallest car in Vauxhall’s range, many may expect equipment and overall style to be scarce on the Adam, but that’s where it leaves you pleasantly surprised.

Although the Adam is a city car, it features masses of high-quality equipment, usually associated with stylish superminis, like the Citroen DS3.

From the outside it offers a range of different colour contrasting paint jobs, including contrasting roof colours, as well as a sporty contour stricken body design.

Its interior equipment is unique to the city car segment and features many gadgets usually associated with saloons.

Interior kit includes GPS navigation, seven-inch touch screen display, infotainment system with smart phone connectivity and an Advanced Park Assist II system (APA II), which essentially parks the car for you. Its interior also features a ‘starry night’ roof display.

The Adam features three trim levels: Jam, Glam and Slam, and three different ecoFLEX petrol engines, including a 69bhp 1.2-litre variant fitted with stop/start technology.

The Adam will ultimately bridge the gap between low spec city cars and stylish superminis, offering a plentifully equipped, stylish and low priced city car.

The Vauxhall Adam will reach UK showrooms in January 2013.