Smaller cars grow increasingly more desirable

Small car popularity is on the up as motorists continue to search for cheaper running costs and more practical cars. The report for quarter two of 2012 (April-June) shows that running costs were the main concern for 63 per cent of motorists – outweighing the pressures of paying rent and mortgage.

After surveying 2,215 UK motorists, Auto Trader found that 53 per cent of potential car buyers were looking for a car where cheaper running costs were its most attractive feature.

As motorists search for cars that cost less to run as well as being practical and cheap to buy, small city cars and superminis come out on top, as this criterion is at the forefront of what makes small cars so desirable.

Small cars have seen a massive style overhaul in recent years as models like the Kia Picanto have gained a new sporty and muscular design language, adding to small car desirability.

Other models like the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa have also seen similar design changes, plus the addition of new and more frugal engines.

For example, the Fiesta offers a 1.6-litre diesel engine that emits just 87g/km and returns a combined 85.6mpg, which means low running costs and road tax exemption.

Tim Peake, Group Strategy Director at Auto Trader, said: “UK drivers love small cars, with good reason. Supermini and small family models tick many boxes for motorists. From a financial point of view, not only are they affordable and fuel efficient, but on a practical level, smaller cars are generally easier to drive and park.”

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