Renault Twizy – as cool as David Guetta

The Renault Twizy was released in April earlier this year, but it seems some have forgotten all about the snug two seater.

As there have been many new exiting car releases since April this year, particularly in the electric car (EV) segment, it seems the Twizy has gone somewhat unnoticed.

As well as the Twizy being in stiff competition with other EV’s on the market from a range of different manufacturers, it is also in competition with the rest of Renault’s Z.E electric car range, which includes the Fluence saloon and the upcoming Zoe supermini.

The Twizy runs on 100 per cent electric power and can travel up to 60 miles off a single, which when added to its small body size (just 2.5metres in length), means the Twizy is great for city driving and manoeuvring through traffic.

With zero emissions, therefore road tax exemption, and slick exterior styling, the Twizy is a desirable choice for younger buyers.

To further promote its younger buyer appeal, Renault collaborated with music mogul David Guetta to create a fun Twizy advert, highlighting what the Twizy is all about.


With the slogan of “Plug into the positive energy”, this advert helps remind car buyers of the Twizy’s fun to drive appeal.

The Twizy comes available with three trim levels: Urban, Colour and Technic. The entry level Urban model comes with a Z.E on-board computer.

Renault Twizy prices start from just £6,690.