Renault Megane SUV for 2015

The new Megane based SUV by Renault may come as a shock announcement for some, but when looking back at the Renault Captur concept of 2011, it is clear that Renault had already decided on a move to the SUV segment.

The new compact SUV will see the collaboration of both Renault and Japanese manufacturers Nissan, as it lends many of its design cues from the Nissan Qashqai SUV.

As the name suggests, the 2015 Renault Megane SUV features many design elements reminiscent of the Megane hatchback, as well as the Qashqai.

It features a muscular front-end with strong bonnet contours and a V-shaped grille branding the large Renault logo – a feature carried across from the Captur concept. Its flanks also feature strong contours, giving it a stylish edge over the Qashqai.

At the rear, the new SUV loses the rebated bumper of the Megane hatchback and gains a chunky bumper, similar to the new electric Renault Zoe model.

Under the bonnet the new SUV features both petrol and diesel variants, which include a 1.2-litre petrol and a 1.6-litre turbodiesel, available with both six-speed manual and dual-clutch auto transmissions.

The addition of the new Megane based SUV will broaden Renault’s model range and ultimately build on its overall appeal. SUV models have become somewhat of an essential commodity for manufacturers over the last few years as SUV popularity has sky rocketed, making the SUV segment one of most lucrative.

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