New scratch stickers available from Perrys

The new ‘Sticker fix’ product is a pack of strips designed to repair minor scratches quicker and easier than using a touch-up brush or spray.

The pack comes with a selection of different-size stickers that can be applied to minor paint damage to cover scratches and blend in perfectly with a Vauxhall’s body colour.

Available in the ten most popular Vauxhall colours, the scratch repair kits is described as being a perfect match for the car colour and because it does not need to dry, it is quicker than a touch-up paint stick.

However, it is also strong and durable to ensure it covers the scratch or paintwork blemish over a long period of time.

The stickers themselves are covered in AkzoNobel automotive paint to blend in and the film has been described as ‘ultra-thin’.

The packs, priced at £25.00 at Perrys Vauxhall dealerships, are available in Star Silver III, Black Sapphire, Silver Lightning, Technical Grey, Metro Blue, Flame Red, Sovereign Silver, Ultra Blue, Pannacotta and Carbon Flash.

All ten colours are the most popular chosen with new Vauxhall cars including the Vauxhall Corsa and the Vauxhall Astra.

To apply the stickers, simply clean the area affected with a soft, clean cloth and then carefully apply the Sticker fix.

The eco-friendly solution can be easily removed but is durable enough to be left on the car to cover the scratch or mark.

For more information on the new Sticker fix product, contact your nearest Perrys dealership.