New Fiat 500 advert

Fiat has released a new advert called ‘immigrants’ and it is a bit of a wacky one.

The advert shows a range of different Fiat 500 models driving around Italy, and then taking to the water as they head towards American shores in New York City.

The cars plunge into the water from cliff sides and jetties, splashing in the sea, as some of them simply and leisurely drive in.

Here is the advert, enjoy:


This advert represents the resurrection of the Fiat brand in America, as it has been somewhat of an alien brand to the country for quite a while – hence the title ‘Immigrants’.

The transition from Italy to America is even symbolised through the adverts music as it changes from the Italian ‘Torna a Surriento’ to a song by American artist ‘Pitbull’.

As well as the advert symbolising this, it is also fun to watch as the cars fly into the water left and right and whip around street corners.

But the advert has more for viewers as there is a sporty 500 model revealed, looking a lot like the new rumoured 500T model.

This model echoes the muscular body style to an Abarth (a performance sub-brand of Fiat) but it brands the Fiat logo.

If this small sample of the 500T points the way for a release, then the Fiat 500 range will build on its already acclaimed model range, which includes the award winning frugal TwinAir engine variant.