Ford technology to stump car thieves

It seems car thieves have moved into the 21st Century with a new remote control way of stealing cars, that’s if you use a remote locking system, which applies to most modern cars.

The way the scam works is straight forward. The thief purchases an RF jammer, which can be easily bought on-line, then uses it to block a driver’s remote locking signal when they leave and lock their car. This means the car is still open.

The thief can then reprogram a blank key to the car’s ignition and drive away without fuss. As well as this leaving people in the devastating position of not having a car, insurance companies are also very unlikely to pay up as the incident is seen as the drivers fault and totally unavoidable.

Ford is ahead of the pack though, and is producing a security system that battles the problem.

As Ford offers a wide range of vehicles with keyless entry, including the Fiesta, Focus and C-Max, remote security is integral to its models.

Ford’s wireless safekeeping system works directly alongside keyless entry. As a driver uses keyless entry and sends a signal to lock their car, it can detect if someone is trying to block the system.

If this happens then an alternate signal is re-sent, which is unique and can go un-tampered with. Not only does this put Ford ahead of its competitors, but it also offers Ford customers peace of mind.

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