Chevrolet sales soar in Europe

Chevrolet sales have increased in 19 European countries, including the UK and the Netherlands, during the first half of 2012.

Although many manufacturers seem to be struggling in Europe Chevrolet has overcome the struggle as the brand showed massive sales increases, with its biggest boost being in the Netherlands where sales went up 88 per cent to 7,800 units.

Further percentage increases can also be seen in its more lucrative European markets, including Italy where sales rose 12 per cent, bringing its current 2012 figure to a massive 19,800. Sales in France and Germany also increased, by 12 and 7 per cent respectively.

But why is Chevrolet powering through where others are struggling?

As smaller cars (city cars and superminis) are evidently top dogs in most markets, with the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa being top sellers for June, Chevrolet is at an advantage as two of its new models offer ‘small car’ credentials.

Chevy’s new Aveo supermini and Spark city car offer the cheap price, practicality and style aspects of what makes a small car successful.

As these qualities mean the Aveo and Spark target younger buyers, Chevrolet’s flamboyant advertising campaigns, including car abseiling and car skydiving, have also helped to boost the brands street credit.

Both the young driver qualities of the cars and the advertisement campaigns have gone hand in hand to successfully promote the models.

In fact, in the first six months of 2012 the Aveo was Chevrolet’s best seller in Europe with 34,310 units sold, followed by the Spark which sold 32,010 units.