Ferrari 458 Italia V8 fitted to a Fiat Cinquecento

This is what a Fiat Cinquecento with a V8 engine taken from a Ferrari 458 Italia supercar looks like – and it isn’t pretty.

Now may not be the time to be celebrating all things Italian – but these images show the country that brought us stunning Ferraris and stylish Fiat cars can still get things wrong.

This concept car comes from Lazzarini Design and the company is now actively seeking an investor willing to pay 550,000 Euros to get this ‘toy’ on the road.

The car itself is based on a Fiat Cinquecento but the ‘550 Italia’ is almost unrecognisable thanks to an unsubtle body kit that includes 3cm panels on each side to widen the car, a huge spoiler, a roll-cage inside and garish Italian flag-designs on the seats.

It also includes a bright blue body colour in celebration of the Italian football team, who knocked England out of the 2012 European Championships on penalties yesterday.

Under the bonnet lies that 4.5-litre V8 engine lifted from the Ferrari 458 Italia, but it has been tuned to offer 550HP, down from 570HP in the supercar.

The Ferrari 458 Italia can hit 62mph from standing in 3.4 seconds and the 550 Italia weighs nearly 1,000lbs less than the supercar.

However, performance figures have not been released for the hot hatch, and unless somebody is willing to spend over half a million Euros on the concept, we’ll never know if it can actually take on one of the world’s fastest cars.

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