Land Rover and Bowler – a new generation of rally cars

Land Rover and Bowler have worked together for over twenty years in producing some of the best off-road rally cars.

Now Land Rover and Bowler have decided to formalise their relationship with a contract.

Bowler is a UK-based manufacture that is famous for making performance cars and rally vehicles. With its history of rally achievements, its partnership with Land Rover clearly produces successful results.

Mark Cameron, Land Rover brand experience director, global marketing, said:

“For over twenty years, Land Rover’s technology has powered Bowlers on some of the toughest and most gruelling off-road sporting events in the world.

Although the new contract will add a “Powered by Land Rover” badge to Bowler’s rally cars, there are still Bowler models out now that are based on some of Land Rover’s most popular models.

For example, the Bowler EXR rally-raid competition car uses a modified version of the Range Rover Sport’s 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine that is limited to 300bhp in line with competition restrictions.

Bowler’s EXR S model is also based on the Range Rover Sport as it uses the same base chassis and lightweight composite body panels.

As the two brands collaborate, we may Bowler produce a Range Rover Evoque rally car sometime in the future.

Cameron added: “We’re proud to have been part of Bowler’s success and, just as its latest models come to market, this new formal partnership will fully acknowledge the role of Land Rover technology in Bowler’s high performance all terrain cars.”

Below are some images of vehicles from both Land Rover and Bowler: