Top ten sexiest cars for 2012

Sometimes when it comes to buying a car you need to just go with your gut and buy what feels right. This usually means you will look for the coolest, sportiest and sexiest car you can find.

Whether it’s because it is fast, stylish or both, some cars can just make you feel great when you are driving them.

From the Jaguar XJ to the Kia Optima, this buyer’s guide will talk you through the top ten sexiest cars for 2012 and highlight why driving them will make you stand out on the road.

Alfa Romeo Mito

The MiTo has quite a unique shape that sets it apart from similar competition in its segment.

With its strong bonnet and door contours, the MiTo conveys a smart yet sporty appeal. A V-shaped bonnet and triangular front grille branding the Alfa badge give the MiTo a menacing and sportscar-esque look.

The MiTo also has distinctive rear lights that when lit up look like eyes, which has become one of the trademark features of the MiTo.

The MiTo has a wide engine range to match its sporty appeal, which includes a 170bhp petrol that can reach 0-62mph in just 7.5 seconds.

Prices for the Alfa Romeo MiTo start from £12,500.

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Citroen DS5

The Citroen DS5 is acclaimed for its luxurious style just as much as its frugal and groundbreaking engine.

From the outside the DS5 has a quirky-but-appealing coupe-styled roof that is unlike any other model on the market.

Its stretched estate body shape and exterior chrome highlights give the DS5 a premium and dominating presence on the road.

To match its stylish exterior the DS5 offers a range of different trim levels, with standard equipment including air conditioning, cruise control and Bluetooth.

The Citroen DS5 powerful, yet frugal, Hybrid4 engine add to the DS5’s appeal as it offers 200bhp, four-wheel drive and CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km.

Prices for the Citroen DS5 start from £22,400.

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Peugeot RCZ

The RCZ is a sporty 2+2 coupe with a low-slung profile and distinctive double-bubble roof, a feature more often seen coming out of legendary Italian design house Pininfarina.

With its smooth body shape the Peugeot RCZ offers a slick and aerodynamic appeal and the RCZ is undoubtedly one of the best-looking coupe cars on the market.

Along with its body shape RCZ comes with a contrasting two tone paint job that includes a primary paint job and a second colour for its roof for those who like to add a touch of individuality to their car.

The RCZ is available with a powerful 1.6-litre petrol that produces 200bhp and is matched with a six-speed manual gearbox.

Peugeot RCZ prices start from £21,210.

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Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque is so desirable that orders are backed up for the ‘baby’ luxury SUV up until 2013.

The Evoque is responsible for kicking off a premium crossover craze across the car market with its compact coupe body and slicked back contour appeal.

As well as the Evoque offering 4×4 capabilities, it offers a highly versatile exterior colour scheme that allows buyers to configure its roof colour and body colour separately.

Its interior has also been received well by Range Rover enthusiasts as it offers the usual luxury quality of any Land Rover and interior styling touches from Victoria Beckham, making it a popular car with younger and female buyers.

Prices for the Rand Rover Evoque start from £27,995.

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Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is one of the great British luxury saloons, as it offers distinctive style and a powerful engine.

As well as having a sporty and muscular exterior, the XJ features a highly customisable interior that includes a versatile upholstery configuration which allows its dashboard and seats to be upholstered in different types of leather.

There are also extensive equipment levels on offer with the XJ that make it luxurious to drive, including steering wheel controls, a trip computer and a range of media systems, one of which is a 20 speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system.

To top of the British saloon is a meaty V8 petrol producing 503bhp.

Prices for the Jaguar XJ saloon start from £55,525.

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Vauxhall Astra GTC

The Astra GTC is like a slightly more sport-chiselled version of the Astra hatchback.

With more aerodynamic tendencies and a sporty exterior, the GTC offers an enhanced coupe appeal over the Astra hatchback.

As its exterior is sporty, and therefore compact, you may expect its interior space to be hindered, but it isn’t as it offers up to 1,165 litres of boot space with the seats folded down.

Standard equipment on the GTC is high quality as it offers Electronic Stability Control (ESC), 18-inch alloy wheels, air conditioning, DAB digital radio and cruise control. The GTC also offers a 178bhp 1.6-litre petrol engine.

Vauxhall Astra GTC prices start from £19,040.

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Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is the first Kia Saloon to be sold in the UK for a couple of years, and it doesn’t disappoint, bringing with it the Korean car maker’s superb new styling direction.

As the Optima is the biggest model in the Kia range, it conveys a muscular appearance like that of the Rio and Picanto. With body contours and a sloped tiger nose front end the Optima’s design is unique.

With the Optima’s universal appeal it can function as both a business car and a family car. Family benefits include ample interior space with a 505 litre boot, whereas business features include cruise control, a leather steering wheel and a cockpit-like cabin.

A powerful 1.7-litre turbodiesel is offered with the Optima that produces 134bhp, yet emits just 128g/km.

Prices for the Kia Optima start from £19,595.

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Fiat 500 Gucci

The Fiat 500 hardly warrants an introduction as its fashionable appearance is well known across the market.

Having won Top Gear’s sexiest car title against the supercar elite, Fiat set about creating even more allure to the 500 range by adding a serious of fashionable special editions such as the Fiat 500 Gucci.

Even though it is smaller than most ‘luxury cars’, the 500 Gucci combines the fashion sense of Italian fashion label Gucci with Fiat’s 500C convertible.

The 500 Gucci is available with two paint jobs, black and white, each of them offered with a glitter finish. Both exterior paint jobs have interior colour schemes to match.

Other features include 16-inch alloy wheels, Gucci logos on its leather seats and signature Gucci ‘G’ logo on the hub caps.

Fiat 500 Gucci prices start from £14,800 in the UK.

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Renault Megane Coupe

Similar to the Vauxhall Astra GTC, the Renault Megane coupe offers a slimmer and sportier version of its hatchback brother.

The three-door Megane offers a lower coupe roofline and Renault’s signature front end that features wrap around headlights, silver trim and the diamond shaped Renault badge slapped on its nose.

The Megane coupe’s bonnet features three contours that run down the left, right and centre, giving it a sloped appeal and a sporty look.

It comes available with a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine that produces 180bhp.

Prices for the Renault Megane coupe start from £16,780.

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Chevrolet Camaro

The Chevrolet Camaro is better known for being an all-American muscle car, but it is soon to be available in the UK.

The muscle car offers the type of appeal you would expect on a concept model as its sporty styling seems ahead of its time as it is showed in body contours and features circular eye-like xenon headlights.

Under the bonnet the Camaro features a booming V8 that produces 426bhp and reaches a top speed of 155mph. The V8 powertrain can propel the Camaro from 0-62mph in just 5.23 seconds.

Its interior offers the choice of blue or orange ambient lighting and a Head-Up-Display (HUD) that projects radio and speed information on to the car windscreen. A convertible model is also available.

Prices for the Chevrolet Camaro start from £35,025.

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