Perrys offers seven days of free insurance

The deal means drivers can drive a car away after getting an HPI check safe in the knowledge they will be insured for the seven days after getting the check.

To do this, HPI will supply a contact number with every car check and insurers Swinton will offer the free seven-day package along with a no-obligation quote to insure the car for a year.

“All the elements that made the previous HPI Driveaway such a huge success are still there, but the areas that our customers said needed tweaking have been fine-tuned, thanks to our partnership with Swinton,” said Daniel Burgess, Managing Director for HPI.

“Testament to this is the move by thousands of motor dealers, including many of the UK’s leading used car retailers across Britain and Northern Ireland, to sign up and reap the benefits of HPI’s enhanced free short-term insurance solution.”

The HPI driveaway offer is available to all drivers over the age of 21 on cars younger than ten years old. However, it is not available for Channel Islands or Isle of Man drivers.

All of Perrys Motors’ UK dealerships have signed up for the scheme and as a result, any new or used car aged under ten years can be checked and receive seven days of free insurance.

An HPI check allows a potential buyer to check the car has not got outstanding finance, its insurance history and secures the buyer against car scams such as stolen cars and cut ‘n’ shuts.

For more information on the new and used car free insurance offer, contact your nearest Perrys Motors dealership.