Will a new car make you more attractive?

The study was commissioned by car leasing site ContractHireAndLeasing.com and it polled 2056 UK adults as they were asked the question: “Do you find drivers of expensive cars more or less attractive or does it make no difference?”

Out of the 2054 people polled it was revealed that 69 per cent said that a flashy car does not make a difference and five per cent said they really don’t know.

In terms of it making a difference, it was neck and neck as 13 per cent said it makes you more attractive and 13 per cent saying it makes you less attractive.

It seems that the 18-24 age group is the most influenced by snazzy cars as 33 per cent of the age group said it makes you more attractive. 24 per cent of the 24-34 age group also said that an ostentatious ride helps your attractiveness.

The least influenced age group was the 65 and up with 79 per cent saying it makes no difference what car you drive.

The fact that younger drivers think that driving the likes of a Jaguar XF make you more attractive, may suggest that cars are becoming more of a symbolic social feature of the younger generations. This ultimately means, the younger you are, the more it matters.

Region wise, it seems the city environment of London warrants a flash car as 25 per cent of Londoners polled said that a pricey car makes you more attractive.

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