Is this the greatest driving job in the world?

This is position satellite navigation company TomTom is holding a competition for, with five lucky winners being offered the chance to spend two weeks mapping the islands for the new TomTom systems.

The five winners will be jetted out to one of Fiji, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Cape Verde and the Seychelles to drive a 4×4 around the island and map out the roads for TomTom.

The winners will also be paid £10,000 to travel on the expenses-paid trip, making it one of the most lucrative, and enticing, driving jobs in the world.

According to TomTom, “This can take anything from a day to two whole weeks. Depending, of course, on how many times you stop for some serious sunbathing, a spot of snorkelling or a jungle hike.”

The Map Paradise Project competition is open now and applicants are being urged to apply, along with their family and friends, for one of the five positions.

The TomTom ‘job’ is the latest in marketing stunts offering the world’s best driving job. In 2010, Volkswagen-owned hypercar maker Bugatti advertised for a role driving £1m Bugatti Veyrons across the US to deliver them to press events.

The ‘marketing intern’ position was touted by many as the best driving job in the world – with the likes of racing car driver and Top Gear presenter as perennial challengers to the illustrious title.

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