Ford SYNC will ‘save lives’ – AA president

Ford SYNC, which debuts on the Ford Focus this year and will be added to the new Ford B-Max compact people carrier, ‘can help save lives’, according to AA president Edmund King.

The Ford SYNC Emergency Assistance technology can place an emergency call immediately after an accident via a Bluetooth-connected mobile phone.

It can relay a message and relay location co-ordinates to the emergency operator by finding the car’s position using GPS systems.

The technology connects directly to the emergency services instead of going through a third party, saving valuable time in the event of an accident.

King said: “We believe that Ford’s pioneering Emergency Assistance technology can help save lives. The AA would like to see ‘e-call’ as a safety feature on all new cars as it helps notify the emergency services in that vital ‘golden hour’ after a serious crash when rapid medical attention can be the difference between life and death.”

The technology has already been rolled out in the US, where one lucky driver says it has saved his life.

“I cannot remember the events of the accident that nearly killed me,” said Michael Hicks of San Antonio, Texas. “After an impact to my head, the next thing I remembered was waking up in an Austin hospital.

“I was told my car was upside down in a river and filling up with water when my car was pulled out. If SYNC had not dialled 911, I certainly would have perished at the bottom of that river. SYNC saved my life.”

The new Ford Focus will include SYNC from this year. Standard Ford Focus prices start from £14,000 in the UK from Ford UK dealerships.