Ford C-Max – the UK’s most reliable used car?

Warranty Direct looked at how dependable cars aged three to five years were and found the Ford C-Max was the seventh most reliable, but was also one of the top three cheapest to repair out of the top ten.

The top ten looked at small cars and family cars in the UK, with ‘staycation’ holidays – trips taking place within the UK – the focus of the study this summer.

Only 14 per cent of Ford C-Max cars break down each year and the largest claim was for £828.90. While the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Honda Accord all had lower break down rates, they also had much higher claim costs.

In fact, the Honda Accord had nearly double the Ford C-Max’s top claim at around £1,600, with engine issues the most common cause for a claim.

The Ford C-Max’s most common cause was electrical problems, leading to lower claim rates for the practical five-seat family car.

Ford’s reliability was demonstrated by the Ford Mondeo also appearing in the top ten most reliable cars in the UK after scoring a break down rate of 15 per cent.

This compares favourably to the worst cars on the list in terms of reliability, including the Renault Espace and Mercedes R-Class, which both scored a break down rate of 74 per cent.

Other models in the most reliable list include the Mazda3 hatchback (break down rate of just ten per cent) and the Peugeot 308, whose largest claim was a modest £728.80.

Warranty Direct managing director, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “Most cars will go wrong at some stage but there’s nothing worse than the family’s excitement at setting off on holiday being destroyed by a morning spent on the hard shoulder.

“And, as well as the inconvenience to your holiday, a breakdown can also put a serious dent in your wallet.”

The new Ford C-Max is one sale now at Ford UK dealerships. New Ford C-Max prices start from around £14,000 but used Ford C-Max prices are significantly lower.