Champions League trophy duty for Ford B-Max

The man who made the Champions League trophy, the top prize in European football, is honest about its design.

“It may not be an artistic masterpiece,” he said, “but everybody in football is keen to get their hands on it.”

The trophy, so famously won by Manchester United, Liverpool and, further back, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest is often called ‘Ol’ Big Ears’ because of the distinctive – and wide shape of its handles.

While it may not be at the forefront of most teams’ minds when they reach a final, as Chelsea have done this season, it also poses a few minor problems.

Chelsea travel to Munich for the final this year to play Bayern Munich and, alongside the two teams, the trophy needs to make it to the stadium in one piece.

While the likes of a Ford Transit is the obvious choice, with its spacious interior capable of carrying the bulky trophy and more, a smaller, city-friendly car may be a better bet in heavy city traffic.

Enter the Ford B-Max – the car chosen to take the famous trophy on a tour before the big event. The reason for the Fiesta-based mini-MPV being chosen? It has a unique sliding door setup with no B-pillar (the pillar usually found between front and rear side doors) for easy and spacious (1.5 metres) access to the rear seats.

As expected, Ford’s vice president, marketing, sales and service, Roelant de Waard, was pleased to showcase the car in this publicity-gathering task.

“The UEFA Champions League Final is the best of the best in terms of club football and it is the perfect place to showcase the ingenious B-MAX,” he said.

While the more serious aspect of carrying the trophy (and a fleet of Ford S-Max, Ford Galaxy and Ford Transit vans are transporting officials and guests for the big match) is looked after, a Ford B-Max is also having a bit of fun before the game.

Fans at the UEFA Champions Festival in the Olympiapark, Munich, have been invited to shoot a ball into the B-Max’s opening. Using Hawkeye technology, the power and precision of the shots are being measured as part of a competition.

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