Renault Kangoo ZE labelled the future of vans

After awarding the all-electric van his Editor’s Award in the annual awards ceremony, John Kendall described how the Kangoo ZE represented the future of commercial vehicles.

He said: “The price is right, better still with the Government electric van grant, and the low noise driving experience will be music to van drivers’ ears.

“For vans on the right duty cycle, the Kangoo Z.E. is a winner. The problem most fleets are likely to face could be persuading drivers to get back in a diesel once they’ve tasted the electric driving experience.”

He says electric vehicles, whether powered by renewable energy or hydrogen fuel cells, will be the future of business travel once range is increase by 2020.

However, the Renault Kangoo ZE already offers a range of over 100 miles, the same practicality as more traditional Renault vans in terms of load space (2,600 litres) and a price tag of just £17,000 before VAT thanks to a 20 per cent government electric can grant.

The Renault Kangoo ZE electric van can be charged via a an electric charging socket and a full charge takes six-to-eight hours.

With a top speed of 84mph and power of 95bhp, the Renault Kangoo ZE van is ideal for city driving and delivers a near-silent drive around city streets.

The Renault Kangoo ZE meets European emissions criteria because it comes with zero tailpipe emissions and is not eligible for £100-per-day charges in the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

The new Renault Kangoo ZE is on sale now in the UK at Renault dealerships.