Chevrolet car art drawn by Chevrolet cars

A car drawn using by dipping remote-controlled cars into UV paint and driven across a canvas is an unusual way to launch a new car in the UK, but the Chevrolet Volt is no ordinary car.

Nor is Chevrolet an ordinary car company. It launched the Chevrolet Aveo supermini in the UK by sending it on a bungee jump, built a Chevrolet Orlando out of Play-Doh and dumped it in the centre of London and converted a Chevrolet Spark into a mobile DJ booth complete with wheel-turntables.

So a Chevrolet Volt drawn with remote-controlled cars is positively subdued for a company synonymous with exciting marketing activity.

The art work in question was drawn by Ian Cook, the man behind Pop Bang Colour and it is the first ever car drawn using remote-controlled cars and UV paint.

It is a fitting tribute to the Chevrolet Volt, a North American Car of the Year winner in 2011 and European Car of the Year winner in 2012 alongside its sister car, the Vauxhall Ampera.

This is because the Chevrolet Volt is no ordinary car. Sitting somewhere between an electric car and a hybrid, the modern-looking five-door hatchback offers the best of both worlds with a range of 350 miles and a miles-per-gallon figure of 230mpg.

With CO2 emissions of 27g/km, the Volt comfortable outstrips even the most frugal petrol or diesel cars in the green stakes and can even drive 40 miles on emissions-free electric power.

The rest of the time, a petrol engine recharges the battery on the move, emitting ultra-low levels of CO2 and almost trebling the fuel economy of even the most frugal small family hatch.

According to Cook, the innovative art work was difficult and fitting in equal measure. He said: “”This is, quite simply, the hardest piece of work I’ve ever created,” said Cook. “I was more or less creating it blind.

“The idea was to create an image that was as innovative and mould-breaking as the Chevrolet Volt itself, while at the same time keeping in mind its electric powertrain.”

To us, it seems like the perfect way to introduce the Chevrolet Volt to the UK – and you can see how it was created in the video below.

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