Are we ready for an electric Jaguar E-Type?

The obsession with the Jaguar E-Type in petrolhead circles is not unfounded. Enzo Ferrari, the man behind some of the greatest-ever performance cars, once described it as the most beautiful car in the world.

Numerous awards and an unprecedented amount of praise from all quarters rightly puts the 50 year-old sports car up there with the greatest cars ever made.

So it is no surprise it is still the subject of some weird and wonderful future car concepts. Let us introduce the new Jaguar XKX:

This is not an official Jaguar car, instead it is freelance designer Marin Myftiu’s take on a futuristic E-Type successor which is powered entirely by electric power.

The concept, says Marin, is designed to ‘revive the glorious design lines of the brand’ and uses the E-Type as inspiration – although we think the silhouette is more influenced by the shape of the leaping Jaguar used for the luxury brand’s badge.

The design focuses on aerodynamics and managing air flow to improve the efficiency of a battery engine but it also comes with some futuristic touches.

For example, the body itself is made up of ‘piezoelectric material’, which is capable of ‘squeezing’ electricity from air pressure at high speeds and using the energy to help improve the efficiency of the car.

This is a technique not currently employed by any road car but it potentially could save energy in future electric cars and increase the range of any new electric Jaguar.

The car also features wing mirrors that completely fold away to avoid bumps and scrapes in car parks and when the car is stationary.

The stunning concept car is not on the card at Jaguar and since it is not an official concept, it is unlikely to have any influence on future models.

However, it is a great-looking concept and it just goes to show that after 50 years the Jaguar E-Type is still inspiring designers.

Meanwhile, the true successor to the Jaguar E-Type, the two-seat Jaguar C-X16 roadster, will go on sale in the UK in 2013 – keep an eye out at your local Perrys Jaguar dealer for more information.