Renault announces snazzy Twizy winner

To win the competition, college and university students submitted their own unique design ideas for Renault’s new all-electric Twizy two-seater, which would then be open for public vote. The prize for first place being £9,000 towards tuition fees.

Out of 900 entries and 16,000 votes, the winning design came from 20-year-old Rachael Smith from The University of Huddersfield. Rachael’s design was a multi-coloured Twizy which took over 6,000 of the overall votes.

Rachael said that the design of her Twizy was both ‘rainbow inspired’, with the colours blue and purple, but also environmentally inspired with the use of the colour green.

Its overall transformation highlights the versatility of Renault’s new electric vehicle, which Renault hopes will appeal to the ranks of young car buyers.

The Reanult Twizy can also be extremely practical, not only for student living, but also for city life as its snug shape makes manoeuvring in traffic easier.

As it uses an electric powertrain, the Twizy emits zero tailpipe emissions and therefore doesn’t come with the added cost of road tax or the London congestion charge. It also has a range of up to 80 miles off a single charge.

Rachael Smith was presented with her prize cheque by celebrity yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur outside of Huddersfield University.

The Renault Twizy is available to buy now from Perry’s Aylesbury dealership. Prices start from £6,690.