Last ever new Ford Cortina on sale 30 years on

The remarkable saloon, which is in perfect condition and has only delivery mileage on the clock, is the only known ‘new’ Cortina to have gone on sale for 30 years in the UK.

Car enthusiast Frank Scheach bought the 1981 Ford Cortina Mark Five (a similar model is shown above) for around £5,500 (Around £19,000 in today’s prices) when new and has since kept it locked up – save for a few appearances at classic motor shows, where it is towed on a trailer by an older Cortina model.

The car has never been registered and does not even have a number plate, although it is uncertain if it will be allowed a new ’62’ plate.

Scheach, from Dundee, says ‘there won’t be another one in the this condition’ and expects it to attract plenty of interest when it is put up for auction later in the year.

The Ford Cortina was built between 1962 and 1982 and was the spiritual predecessor to the Ford Sierra, which itself was replaced by the current Ford Mondeo.

The Ford Cortina was the best-selling car in Britain in 1981 and was most recently used in BBC television programme Life on Mars.

Compared to the new, equipment-packed Ford Mondeo, the Ford Cortina may seem a little sparsely equipped. However, it did offer a top speed over 100mph and 108bhp to offer plenty of performance.

In comparison, the smallest engine in the new 2012 Ford Mondeo is the 1.6-litre petrol EcoBoost unit, delivering 160bhp and a top speed of 115mph, but engines at the top of the range deliver up to 153mph from the 2.0-litre EcoBoost unit.

New Ford Mondeo prices start from around £18,000 – less than the Ford Cortina in 1981 if inflation is taken into account.

Ford Mondeo saloons and estates are on sale now at all Ford UK dealerships.